Interior Design

After the receipt of our proposal, if you wish to proceed, we then make as many site visits as needed to establish the detail of your requirements, we present you with design suggestions and samples and draw up floor plans, elevations and layouts.

The length of time this takes depends on the complexity of your project and any changes which you may require us to make during the process. We will provide you with a detailed sample board, final drawings and a list of the key items in the scheme which can all be purchased through Beautiful Space at a reduced price.

Detailed specifications for the works to be carried out by craftsmen and contractors are prepared, when you have approved the final drawings. You can choose whether to use our services, or whether to hire and supervise your own contractors.

Upon engagement of our services, a 50% deposit for our design fee is payable, with the remainder payable upon delivery of sample boards and design specifications. Fee for our research time and interior design ideas is based on £50 per hour.


Service Packages

    • Interior Design Advice
    • Accessible to Source
    • Personalized Mood Board
    • Detail Report
    • Initial Consultation
    • Visit to Site
    • Price
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